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Ehemaliges Kino Wolfen

© Falk Wenzel

The former cinema in Freiherr-vom-Stein-Straße tells the story of the upheavals and changes in the former film city of Wolfen in a special way. After a record construction time of one year, the movie theater was opened in 1957, equipped with the latest technology. 430 seats invite you to experience a movie on the extra-wide screen – Wolfen already has it, Berlin doesn’t yet. The first film: the operetta adaptation “Mazurka der Liebe”. The last film: flickering across the screen in 2009. Declining visitor numbers, outdated technology and other local film offerings – all this makes running a cinema difficult and ultimately impossible. From then on, there is no more cinema in the former Filmstadt. Over the years, the building still opens for a few art events such as those organized by the Initiative Projektionsfläche or the “Transformation” project by students from Burg Giebichenstein University of Art and Design Halle at the first festival in 2022. The kick-off event WIEDERSEHEN IN WOLFEN for the festival in 2024 was also able to take place here thanks to Kino Wolfen Entwicklungsgesellschaft. For some time now, it has been creating a new perspective, wanting to renovate the cinema and make it usable as a meeting place again.

Veranstaltungen an diesem Spielort

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