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The protagonist, Anja, talks about her life, the changes during the fall of the Berlin Wall in 1989/90 and her search for stability and belonging in the years that followed.

Erfurt, summer 1989 after the vacations: Anja returns to her school. Many of her classmates are no longer there, having moved away to start a new life elsewhere. Steffen, the Nazi, is still there. In the years that follow, things that had previously been a natural part of life gradually disappear – morning roll calls, friends. New ones are added and overwrite the previous reality. There is hardly any time to say goodbye. Germany reunited. Can this mean less than more? What do we remember in the context of reunification and unification narratives? Anja remembers the years of change; the narratives of reunification and her own experience.

Verglühende Landschaften is a poetic performance of remembrance far removed from conventional historiography. Using the means of documentary theater and contemporary circus, the play tells of upheaval, growing up and the experience of loss and builds a bridge to the present day.

Idea, play development, staging: Anika Lachnitt
Performance, play development: Anja Gessenhardt
Video, stage: Friederike Bérat
Production management | dramaturgical advice: Dag Lohde
Sound: Caroline Moos
Sound design: Anke Wisch
Lighting: Achim Scheffler, Tine
Set: Serra Öner
Graphics: Claire Terrien
Photos: Nioclás Seeliger
Public Relations: Charlie Ebert
Documentation: Blandine Casen

The production Verglühende Landschaften premiered in 2022 at the Villa Kuriosum in Berlin and was supported by: Fonds Dakü, Prozessförderung mit von Neustart Kultur, Senate Department for Culture and Europe Berlin, Bezirkskulturfonds Berlin-Lichtenberg and Familienfreundliches Lichtenberg.

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