in Bitterfeld-


Ines Glowania & Rebekka Hehn
© Wikimedia Commons,Trougnouf, CC BY 4.0

Bitterfeld-Wolfen can look back on an eventful history. Economically, ecologically, socially and politically, the town has undergone structural changes that are still ongoing today. Designers Ines Glowania and Rebekka Hehn invite you to explore the post-industrial echo and press bricks from industrial dust.

The designers Ines Glowania and Rebekka Hehn are testing the collection of dust as an artistic and creative research practice. The sensory and emotional experience is intended to promote processes of understanding. At sites of structural change in Wolfen, they collect material samples together with the participants – the legacies of the past: dust, building rubble, lint and the like. What is collected is not understood in a negative sense as waste from industrial production, but rather as a material resource from which something new can be created with a view to the future. The dust represents time and forms a reference to the places they deal with in their workshop. Once the fragments of the past have been harvested, the collected material is processed into small bricks. In this way, each of the places is given a new brick that symbolizes its history.

In cooperation with the Bauhaus Dessau Foundation. The program is part of the Bauhaus Study Rooms.

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