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© Thomas Heise

At the request of the Goethe-Institut, director Thomas Heise traveled to the mountains of northern Argentina to film the everyday life of the indigenous Kolla community of Tinkunaku.

SONNENSYSTEM is a digitally realized film about disappearance. About some people from the indigenous Kolla community of Tinkunaku, an area in the north of the province of Salta, Orán district of Argentina. This film approaches the people of this small community exclusively through images, without any interviews or commentary, following Viviano and Ramona’s hike from the valley to the village of Santa Cruz, three and a half thousand meters above sea level, where they spend the summer until the autumn rains that eventually set in send them back down to Rio Blanquito. Living with the religious Kollas, between ancient rites and the onset of modernity, in the grandiose landscape of the Yunga and Quechua, the film tells of the everyday disappearance of an indigenous people. Dies irae.

Script: Thomas Heise
Camera: Robert Nickolaus, Jutta Tränkle, René Frölke
Editing: Trevor Hall
Sound: René Frölke, Robert Nickolaus, Thomas Heise
With the Kolla community in Tinkunaku, Argentina
Production: Thomas Heise, Goethe-Institut Buenos Aire, Filminstitut am ZKM Karlsruhe
Distribution: Thomas Heise

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