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© Sebastian Rcihter

EISENZEIT precisely and sensitively describes human/family relationships and their destruction by a totalitarian structure, the necessary downfall of the GDR from the perspective of the victims after the end.” Heiner Müller, playwright

Eisenhüttenstadt was the “first socialist city of the GDR” – a planned city for the Eisenhüttenkombinat Ost. During his studies, director Thomas Heise gets into conversation with five young people from Eisenhüttenstadt. A planned film is prevented by his university and the Ministry of the Interior. Ten years later, Heise resumes his work. The result is a color 16 millimeter film – the story of Mario, Tilo, Karsten and Frank. Tilo and Mario committed suicide in the spring of 1989. Frank was released from prison to the West. Karsten stayed. Anka loved them all once.

Screenplay: Thomas Heise, Sebastian Richter
Camera: Sebastian Richter
Editing: Karin Schöning
Production: DEFA-Studio für Dokumentarfilme
Production management: Peter Planitzer, Herbert Kruschke

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