in Bitterfeld-

(be)STIMMUNG des Ortes als Chor

Julia Hosp, Pia Martz, Miriam Schmidt & Friederike Ottilie Böhm

Voices from Bitterfeld form a choir: memory meets the present

The figure of the choir describes an assembly of voices that speak from the margins, from marginality, and whose address is directed towards the center. In the speech of a community, the vacancy in the center becomes a paradox. The Bitterfeld Palace of Culture is a disused place of experience. Opened in 1954 in an effort to connect art and culture with the everyday life of the workers of the VEB Chemiekombinat Bitterfeld, it soon became the venue for a new cultural-political program of the emerging GDR: the Bitterfeld Way.
At the center of (be)STIMMUNG are the (im)material legacies: In a choral production, the Kulturpalast is to be questioned as a place of remembrance. What significance does it have for the inhabitants of Bitterfeld? What impact does the former folk art have on today’s cultural activities in Bitterfeld? And how do individual and collective memory interact in a constant dynamic?

The performance is part of the long-term project ORTSBEGEGNUNG at Burg Giebichenstein University of Art and Design Halle

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