in Bitterfeld-


Larger-than-life dolls march through Wolfen in a colorful parade. They are a reminder of the air pollution of yesteryear and celebrate the return of nature. Young and old are cordially invited to join in. If you like, you can also build the puppets yourself beforehand!

Today’s Parsevalstrasse and Farbenstrasse between Bitterfeld and Wolfen were once popularly known as the “Avenue of a Thousand Fragrances”. The industrial fumes were strong, unhealthy and varied. In the winter months, when the smog was particularly thick, the drivers of the factory buses could no longer see the road. The Bitterfeld-Wolfen region was considered one of the dirtiest in Europe. It now has recreational value in many places and the scents of nature are once again perceptible.

The American artists Oscar Olivo, Elsa Saadi and Amy Trompetter, who specialize in puppet parades, are inviting everyone to the ALLEE DER TAUSEND DÜFTE parade, which is intended to recall the smells of yesteryear and at the same time celebrate the return of nature. Young and old are invited to join in.

Open puppet-making workshop for the whole family:
June 2, 3 – 6 p.m. at the festival center Feuerwache

In cooperation with the Amateurtheater Wolfen e.V., the Christopherus-Haus Wolfen-Nord and the Malverein “Neue Schenke” e.V.

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