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Natalia Pena Ascarrunz & Christopher Utpadel ©edugrapes

edugrapes – Studio for Artistic and Transcultural Learning specializes in the development of cultural productions, workshops and interdisciplinary projects at the intersection of performing arts, media arts and art education. We see cultural production and education as interwoven and promote a shared transcultural understanding through our radical participatory approach. By consciously integrating non-European cultural practices, we facilitate cross-cultural encounters and dialogs, using art and design as effective tools to break down barriers and inspire new ideas.

Natalia Peña, born in 1990 in La Paz, Bolivia, is an art educator, pedagogue, visual artist, cultural manager and graphic designer. Since 2014, she has focused on art education with a focus on global learning, digital media and graphic design. She lives in Leipzig and works as an art educator in museums in Saxony and Saxony-Anhalt. Together with Christopher Utpadel, she founded ‘edugrapes – Studio for Artistic & Transcultural Learning’ in 2023.

Christopher Utpadel, born 1990 in Berlin, works as a freelancer in the field of tension between artistic practice and art education with an interest in strongly participatory and performative strategies. Most recently, he was Head of Education & Audience Development at HELLERAU – European Center for the Arts in Dresden from 2021-2023. He then co-founded ‘edugrapes – Studio for Artistic & Transcultural Learning’ with Natalia Pena.

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