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Equipped with headphones, shovel and paintbrush, the audience embarks on a paleontological excavation and encounters a special dinosaur that requires a feminist reconstruction .

The closed film factory and the extinct dinosaurs are projection screens for our ideas of times gone by. Neither the film factory, the GDR nor the dinosaurs exist today, but they have one thing in common: their former existence is still clearly perceptible and still raises questions today. How we remember life in the past is shaped by the stories we tell about it and the images we create. The film factory in Wolfen was once the largest women’s business in the GDR. In retrospect, it is often romanticized as a model feminist company. When we think of dinosaurs, however, we think of supposedly masculine characteristics: size, strength and brutality. With their performance, the hannsjana collective invites the audience to search for buried, buried and superimposed narratives on the site of the former film factory. They find traces that tell of female labor, power and political movements. In the process, they discover a special dinosaur in need of a feminist reconstruction. Tyrannosaurus Rex is dead. Long live Tyrannosaurus Regina!

By and with hannsjana in collaboration with Judith Geffert, @nnast_antn and Àngela Ribera Adrover.

Interview partners: Sandy Bieneck, Dr. Jessica Bock, Dr. Veronica Diez-Diaz, Dr. Alexis Dworsky, Andrea Franke, Edeltraut Höfer, Martina Römer, Markus Rönnike, Sandra Schubert and Christine Plohmann.

Speakers:inside: Gisella Besch, Inga Dietrich, Thomas Mielmann, Vera Moré, Sevastyan Chrysander Baldur Schmidt.

Guest performers: Anne Brüssau, Gerda Knoche, Isabelle Manhertz, Liesbeth Nenoff, Maike Respondek, Fiona Strauß Linedance group of the association Frauen helfen Frauen e.V.

Costumes in cooperation with Kostümkollektiv e.V.

A production by hannsjana, co-produced by Festival OSTEN/Kulturpark e.V. and Stiftung Stadtkultur.

Tyrannosaurus Regina is supported by the Fonds Darstellende Künste.

1. — 16.