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Studierende der Abendakademie der HGB Leipzig

Students from the Evening Academy of the HGB Leipzig will be seeking a conversation with visitors on the course. They stage a fictitious production chain for this purpose.

An industrial work process is brought to life in a fictitious production chain. Visitors are invited to participate in five production steps – fiber production, textile production, textile finishing, making up and the end product – to get closer to the world of experience of (textile) industrial workers. They move from station to station with the textiles and are therefore not only part of the work process, but also of the end product. Together, they become a personified assembly line that keeps production running. A patchwork quilt is ultimately created from many individual pieces. The collectively produced picnic blanket is used at the big final picnic and is then used for relaxation.

With: Leonie Cecco, Leandra Brodhagen, Hermine Schößler, Marie Weise, Hannah Sassim, Anna-Sophia Kolkka and Franz Bedau.

Direction: Ramona Schacht

In cooperation with the Academy of Visual Arts Leipzig.

1. — 16.