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Studierende der Martin-Luther-Universität Halle-Wittenberg

Is East just a point of the compass or a question of political and social realities? Students on the Multimedia and Authorship Master’s degree program are exploring these and other questions in various journalistic formats.

Is east just a point of the compass? Or a question of political and social realities? What do existing stereotypes, attributions and established images look like and how valid are they? What realities can be identified and what are their causes? In the seminars led by Dr. Christian Stewen and Maren Schuster (M.A.), students on the Multimedia and Authorship course explore the question of what East is (not). In a media-practical-journalistic module, they embark on a search for the social, political and media processes that give rise to ideas, images of and attributions to the East. The realities and people in Bitterfeld-Wolfen will be examined from a journalistic and experiential perspective during and before the festival. In various media productions and exercises, they will reflect on their own experiences and views and equally incorporate interviews, statistics and ethnographic and documentary methods. In the course, the participants experiment in particular with (post-)journalistic formats, write self-experience reports, reviews, shoot audio-visual reports and possibly try their hand at a live journalistic format on location – factually, critically, personally, in the interpenetration of specialist knowledge and individual experience. The project results will be published on the festival’s channels during the semester and invite reflections and comments.

With: Louis Auvray, Charlotte Bock, Lea Büttner, Babette Gumbrecht, Felix Jakobs, Birk Kowalski, Clemens Kral,Oscar Krimm, Marianna Martens, Erik Peuker, Johanna Pichler, Rosalie Runge, Nicole Scheermann, Annika Seiferlein, Nele Störmer, Kio Weck and Allegra Wendemuth.

Direction: Dr. Christian Stewen and Maren Schuster (M.A.)

In cooperation with the Multimedia and Authorship course at Martin Luther University Halle-Wittenberg.

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