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Lynn T Musiol
© Lynn T Musiol

We have a movie about work and a movie about love with us. Now let’s vote: who’s for this part and who’s for that part? – And most people voted for love, of course. And that’s how it all began.

Helga, worker and member of the lesbian porn film collective

During the establishment of the Wolfen film factory, then still known as Agfa, the management tried to attract women* to the core workforce by offering them social benefits. These offers were continuously expanded after 1945 due to the shortage of workers: women* were allowed to use the company’s own laundry, have their children looked after in weekly crèches, order everyday goods via a service or make use of the factory’s own tailor shop. In special classes at the company academy, women* qualified as skilled workers, foremen and engineers.Nevertheless, Die Film“, as it was also called, was never a place of true emancipation: the working conditions were harmful to health and patriarchal ideas of gender, gender roles and marriage dominated here too .The video work KISS KISS WOLF questions the idea of emancipatory factory work. The dark rooms of the Wolfen film factory become a film set for lesbian eroticism; the socialist factory becomes a safe space and hotspot for queer-lesbian love.

Idea and director: Lynn T. Musiol
Camera and editing: Silke Briel
With: Iris Albrecht, Jule Böwe, Christian Tschirner

les dramaturx in cooperation with Festival OSTEN / Kulturpark e.V.

1. — 16.