in Bitterfeld-


Deutschlandfunk Kultur is a guest at the Festival Center at the Feuerwache to explore the possibilities of actively shaping the future and to introduce people who are initiating change.

A society that has no vision in the face of many crises is in danger of falling ill. It reacts allergically to necessary changes, becomes infected with hatred, resignation or denial of reality. What can be done? And by whom? There are people who initiate change, on a large and small scale, and move society forward with their projects. This year, the Deutschlandradio think tank is focusing on constructive change under the title “It could be so beautiful… How do we shape the future?” with constructive approaches to tackling the challenges of the future – and where better to do this than in Bitterfeld-Wolfen, where upheavals were experienced so radically and life had to be rethought again and again? In his show FAZIT live from the festival, presenter Vladimir Balzer talks to various players in the region and introduces people who are turning visions into reality.

The show is broadcast from the Feuerwache and can be listened to live on the radio at the edge of the pool.

1. — 16.