in Bitterfeld-


Thomas Kürstner, Sebastian Vogel & Jenny Schily

Be a thought of your star, the earth that wants to adorn itself through you. Yes, impractical and of no use. But have we become happy from utility?

Bruno Taut

In 1920, still under the full impact of the First World War, the architect Bruno Taut published 28 charcoal drawings with musical and visual instructions the story of the downfall of an old world and the resurrection of a new one. An architectural spectacle for symphonic music: buildings disintegrate, forms dissolve, others come together to form new structures. In a time of very real crises, Taut fantasized about a world in which the boundaries between art, society and nature seem to be dissolved. A good hundred years later, again in a time of upheaval and crisis, the musicians and performers Thomas Kürstner, Jenny Schily and Sebastian Vogel have continued to dream up Taut’s vision of a new, humane human community, rewriting it, situating it and putting it into perspective. The result is a cosmos that is as funny as it is touching, in which sounds, words and images are associatively woven into a new network of relationships. Old things fall apart and the longing for a new understanding of things, for peace and a new beginning enter into a dialog with one another.

With: Thomas Kürstner, Jenny Schily, Sebastian Vogel

Production: Fortschritt Musik and Bruno Taut Forum e.V.

1. — 16.