in Bitterfeld-
Kreismusikschule "Gottfried Kirchhoff"

The WERKSORCHESTER was established in close cooperation with the Kreismusikschule under the direction of Ari Benjamin Meyers.

The “Gottfried Kirchhoff” music school, which has been in existence since 1956, offers musical training for pre-school children, pupils, young people and adults. The program includes more than 20 instrumental and vocal subjects: from classical, modern and folklore to jazz and rock-pop. Around 600 pupils are currently being taught. The music school is firmly integrated into the regional cultural landscape and its diverse events have become an integral part of public life.

What images of the East do we have and what images do we want to paint? For our festival, music school director Cornelia Toaspern told us about her personal PICTURE OF THE EAST.

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