in Bitterfeld-
Kulturpalast Bitterfeld

The Kulturpalast is the spatial and content-related center of the festival.

The Kulturpalast Bitterfeld is not only an imposing neoclassical building and an architectural landmark, but has also had supra-regional significance in its history. The Palace of Culture was built by thousands of workers from the former electrochemical combine “after work”. The palace became famous above all through the “Bitterfeld Conferences” in 1959 and 1964, at which the so-called “Bitterfeld Way” was decided. The Kulturpalast was famous throughout the GDR as a show theater where numerous stars performed and from which television shows were broadcast. People in the region still see their ‘KuPa’ as part of their identity, even though it has been closed since 2016. When it was threatened with demolition, managing director and entrepreneur Matthias Goßler decided to renovate it with the support of federal funding. In future, events are to be held here again – including the “Osten” festival.

What images of the East do we have and what images do we want to paint? For our festival, Matthias Goßler, Managing Director of Kulturpalast GmbH & Co. KG, told us about his personal PICTURE OF THE EAST.

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